At your service...


Hello Gentlemen,

I am Akira, an Australian born Japanese girl next door.

I am an ambitious, hardworking university student and intern.

I am a gym bunny, a coffee connoisseur and also a loyal and devoted friend.

But unlike many of my peers I have a lustful heart which could never be satiated by just one lover. I was destined to serve at your feet serve gladly I do.


I take immense pride in my work and delight in your satisfaction. 

I am both a sweetheart and a vixen. My youthful body has been sculpted in the gym and my doll-like features will capture your imagination.


Despite my young age my finely honed bedroom skills enable me to tailor your experience to be both unique and powerful enough to lift your spirits long after you leave my side.

I have many desires I long to fulfil and I wish for you to fulfil them with me.

Till we meet,

Aki x